Tom Garrett believes our District and Nation face three existential threats: Out of Control Spending, No Respect for the Rule of Law – specifically immigration law, and Terrorism.

Tom Garrett is the candidate who will fight Federal Government waste, Enforce our Federal Laws, E.N.D. Illegal Immigration, and identify and eliminate ISIS and other Islamic Extremists.

Moreover, Tom Garrett is the candidate who will protect all of your rights – free speech, freedom of religion, your right to keep and bear arms, your right to be free of Government spying, etc.

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Tom Garrett is a battle-tested State Senator, ready to take on Washington for you

Fiscal Policy
Economic Policy
E.N.D. Illegal Immigration
Foreign Policy
National Defense
2nd Amendment
Civil Liberties
Domestic Spying
10th Amendment
Regulatory Agencies
Social Security and Medicaid
Student Security