The past week has been packed with “get out the vote efforts” by way of phone-banking and door-knocking. Our team is cranking out nearly 11,000 calls per day and is leading every other campaign in the state in that capacity!

Even more exciting, we have been out-raising our opponent which has allowed us to dominate the airwaves to spread our message even further. Their campaign is clearly flustered and continues to make careless mistakes from bullying our interns online to frantic press releases and blatantly false advertising.

Since day one, our campaign has focused on job creation and economic growth. After partaking in 8 debates to allow voters the opportunity to compare and contrast our campaign vs. our opponent’s, the numbers are showing that are message is resonating, while the Clinton-Dittmar agenda is flailing.

We are entering the final stretch and need all hands on deck to help not only our campaign, but Mr. Trump’s as well. In fact, recent polling shows a competitive race for the White House.

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