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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Recent days have presented yet another scandal involving Hillary Clinton in a “pay for play” scheme during her tenure as Secretary of State.

As Judicial Watch pores through newly released State Department documents, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin has come under fire for providing expedited and special access to the former Secretary of State to high level donors of the Clinton Foundation.

In response to the newest scandal involving the Democratic party’s Presidential nominee, 5th District GOP nominee Tom Garrett issued the following statement:

“The newest revelation of Hillary Clinton proves once again that she is unfit for the Presidency. Before this week we knew she mishandled classified information during her tenure as Secretary of State, thereby putting this nation in danger. She also boldly asked ‘what difference does it make’ with regard to the lives lost in Benghazi which, as a Veteran, is not something I want to hear from a potential Commander-in-Chief.”

Garrett went on to say, “Abedin’s emails now prove that Hillary Clinton, and whatever office she holds, is for sale. With so much at stake in the next four years, we need a President, not a lobbyist in the Oval Office.”

As the week has unfolded, many are calling on a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation for any wrongdoing.

When asked specifically about the potential of a Special Prosecutor, Senator Garrett stated:

“As a ten-year prosecutor at the state and federal level, I would challenge anyone with interest in Mrs. Clinton’s wrong-doing to study the Hobbs Act. This federal law, under which Bob McDonnell was wrongfully prosecuted, would clearly indicate Mrs. Clinton’s pay-to-play for access behavior rises to the level of felony activity many times over. I long for the day when above-the-law national figures like Hillary Clinton are held to the same standards as our own governor. A special prosecutor is not only called for, but is necessary to demonstrate that Americans do not function under two sets of laws.”

Garrett served 6 years as a Combat Arms officer in the U.S. Army before working as a federal prosecutor and subsequent Commonwealths Attorney in Louisa County. He is currently a Virginia Senator representing Virginia’s 22nd district.