Tom Garrett_

Today, the Dittmar campaign called Tom Garrett, a decorated Army veteran, a coward.

In response to the statement issued by Dittmar Campaign Manager Tom Vandever this afternoon, Senator Garrett’s Campaign Manager Zach Werrell issued the following statement:

“Tom Garrett has expressed nothing but respect and admiration for CPT Khan and the Khan family, and offered nothing but his sincere condolences for their heroic son’s death.

This pathetic attempt by Jane Dittmar and her campaign to put Donald Trump’s words in Tom Garrett’s mouth, not to mention calling a decorated veteran a coward, dishonors all of those who serve now, have served in the past, and will ever serve in the future.

Tom Garrett served with men who have literally given life and limb for this nation… and unlike Jane Dittmar or her campaign, Tom Garrett will NEVER invoke their names to score political points.

I call on Jane Dittmar to immediately apologize for the incendiary rhetoric coming from her campaign, and to terminate her campaign manager, Tom Vandever. I sincerely, hope those words were his own and not approved by Ms. Dittmar, nor anyone else in their campaign. Anything less dishonors a decorated veteran, and everyone else who has ever had the courage to don an American military uniform.

If Jane Dittmar wants to make this campaign about the candidates’ respective military service, Tom wins. Period. His record alone and numerous commendations including the NATO Medal speak for themselves.

I know Tom holds Jane in high regard, and while she didn’t wear a uniform, her record is far better than that of Hillary Clinton who refused to lift a finger to help Americans dying in Libya, and later said ‘what difference does it make’ with regard to the lives lost.”

Kevin Reynolds, a former Army CPT and Chief of Staff to Senator Garrett in the Virginia Assembly, also weighed in by saying:

“I served with Tom Garrett. He was an exceptional Army leader. He continues to honor and serve our veterans and active duty military with great distinction.”