I Endorse Sen. Tom Garrett For Congress

I give my strongest endorsement to my senate colleague, Tom Garrett, for Congress in Virginia’s 5th District.

Seeing how Tom Garrett works behind the scenes, I know he’ll fight for conservative values even when no one is looking.  He’s not afraid to take on his own party if they go astray, and he’s a strong leader.

We need Senator Garrett in Washington to fight for this great nation.  Voters will never need to “hold his feet to the fire.” Once Tom is elected to Congress he’ll be leading the charge.

You can read Tom Garrett’s announcement here. Senator Garrett said, “These are dangerous times.  My background as a combat arms veteran, prosecutor, and pro-liberty legislator make me the best candidate to protect America from Islamic extremism abroad and fiscal imprudence at home.”

We must coalesce around a true conservative like Senator Tom Garrett in order to make a difference in Washington. I encourage you to support Garrett for Congress. Together, we can change the course of this great nation.

Warm Regards,

Richard H. Black
Senator of Virginia, 13th District