CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Today former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continued her Presidential campaign in Northern Virginia.

Accompanying her was former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine who now serves as a U.S. Senator and is rumored to be on the shortlist for Mrs. Clinton’s Vice-President.

Just over one week ago, the FBI Director slammed Clinton for being “extremely careless” with sensitive classified information, yet recommended no charges be sought. A recent Washington Post poll estimates 56% of Americans disapprove of the FBI’s recommendation not to charge the Democratic presumptive nominee for President.

Fifth District GOP nominee Tom Garrett issued the following statement with regard to today’s event:

“I am disappointed that Senator Kaine has opted to audition for Mrs. Clinton’s second rather than serve Virginia citizens. “Not for self, but country,” is a Navy motto that Clinton and Kaine should take to heart. I would submit she has exercised the utmost care in protecting her own secrets from all who oppose her at home to include the American military and American people. Mrs. Clinton has proven herself to be at best unqualified to be Commander-in-Chief and at worst a threat to our national security.”

Garrett went on to say, “As an Army veteran and a former prosecutor, I am disconcerted but no longer surprised by Mrs. Clinton’s behavior; as a Virginian and an advocate for open and transparent government, I am disappointed at the willingness of Tim Kaine to be her enabler.”

Garrett served over 5 years in the United States Army prior to his tenure as Louisa County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Assistant Attorney General and Special Federal Prosecutor. He currently serves as a Virginia Senator in the General Assembly.