CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Last night in Dallas, Texas, five police officers were senselessly murdered with seven more wounded and hospitalized.

In response, Fifth Congressional District GOP nominee Tom Garrett issued the following statement:

“Last night’s shooting in Dallas displayed for all to see, the essence of evil. As a former prosecutor, I have witnessed the sacrifices made by our law enforcement community firsthand, which makes this shooting especially impactful on my heart. Law enforcement professionals are underpaid, underappreciated public servants who put on the uniform everyday to protect local communities without concern to their own well-being. In this situation, they were present to maintain order while allowing citizens to peacefully protest and exercise their Constitutional rights to free speech.”

Several police shootings in African American communities have sparked protests, riots, and police assassinations in recent years with last night serving as the largest loss of life in any one incident.

Garrett went on to say, “The taking of any life outside a situation presenting imminent foreseeable harm is unacceptable. Where police violate this tenant, they should be held accountable, but nothing justifies last night’s unprovoked violence in Dallas. I hope we are able to restore faith in a profession that I know to be filled with good men and women who want nothing more than to give back to their communities.”

Prior to his tenure in the Virginia Senate, Garrett served as Commonwealth’s Attorney for Louisa County where he worked closely with local law enforcement in the apprehension and subsequent prosecution of criminals.