CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – This week the Department of Homeland Security admitted to mistakenly granting citizenship to 858 immigrants who had previously received orders for deportation or removal from the United States.

This report came directly following a weekend that saw bombings in both New Jersey and New York with a suspect of Afghani descent. Early reports indicate that he had previously been reported by his own father as a terrorist in 2014.

That attack followed another breaking story where a twice-deported El-Salvadorian was charged in a brutal Maryland murder, allegedly stabbing a victim some 40 times.

Another story emerging this weekend was that of a Somali-born refugee who stabbed 10 people in the name of Allah before being shot by an off-duty policeman. He was the 129th naturalized refugee to be charged with terror since 9/11; add in illegal immigrants and those on temporary visas and the number climbs to 148.

In response, 5th District GOP nominee Tom Garrett issued the following statement:

“Just last year, FBI Director James Comey stated the FBI was not capable of properly vetting refugees from war-torn countries, yet Democrats continue to welcome these individuals in mass numbers. Couple this with the influx of illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border and the potential threat to the homeland grows exponentially.”

Garrett went on to say, “The left would have the American people believe that these issues do not put our national security at risk – but that is inherently false. As a Veteran of the U.S. Army, I can tell you that the key to defeating the enemy is first properly identifying them – something the Obama administration has failed to do for 7 years.”

In 2015, 5th District Democratic nominee Jane Dittmar weighed in on the rise of ISIS by stating, “I think one of the things we are not doing well at all, is communicating the incredible generosity of Americans… I think what we need is a counter PR campaign.”

The full clip of Ms. Dittmar’s statement may be seen by clicking HERE.

Reacting to this statement, Senator Garrett stated, “Ms. Dittmar is completely out of touch if she truly believes a Public Relations campaign will halt the horrendous actions of a group hell-bent on instituting Sharia Law across the globe. We need Representatives who are willing to address these issues head on by making tough decisions, not taking a microphone to a gunfight.”

Senator Garrett served six years as an Army Combat Arms Officer before being elected as Louisa County Commonwealths Attorney and subsequent election to the General Assembly as a Senator in Virginia’s 22nd District.