11 Freitas 111

In response to a recent statement by Jane Dittmar’s campaign in which she attacked Senator Garrett’s military service and commitment to veterans, retired Army Green Beret and Delegate to Virginia’s 30th District Nick Freitas weighed in by saying:

“Of all the things to accuse Tom Garrett of, “cowardice” is perhaps the most absurd. I don’t expect Ms. Dittmar to understand the significance of that word when delivered to a veteran. I’m sure to her it is simply a political smear to be bandied about when useful. But to veterans it is one of the most loathsome accusations you can have said about you.

The idea that Tom Garret needs any schooling from Jane Dittmar on the appropriate respect due to our veterans is laughable. Perhaps she should spend less of her time criticizing Tom and more time explaining her support for President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s horrid treatment of both our veterans and active service members when it comes to the Obama VA and Benghazi.

Being that she desires to represent a state with one of the highest veteran populations in the country, I would recommend she apply some of that education she boasts of to understanding and perhaps moderating her hyperbolic rhetoric against a veteran and instead focus on issues that actually matter to veterans…namely how she would improve the abohhernt standard of care that our veterans receive at the hands of an administration that she has had nothing but glowing things to say.”