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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – This weekend the Democratic Nominee for Virginia’s Fifth District Jane Dittmar released yet another misleading ad claiming a “lifelong Republican” business owner was supporting her candidacy.

It was quickly brought to light that the Virginia Public Access Project shows a history of Mr. and Mrs. George Benford financially supporting only Democratic candidates – including Ms. Dittmar’s bid for Board of Supervisors. In response, the Dittmar campaign released a statement in an attempt to paint Mr. Benford as a bipartisan activist.

Unfortunately for the Dittmar campaign, the far left views of Mr. Benford go far beyond what was initially revealed. He has consistently supported Climate Change initiatives, hosted Tom Perriello’s 2010 election night watch partyclaims to be an Independent on his own social media pagearranged tours for Tim Kaine’s Senate campaign, and voted in 3 Democratic primaries (2015, 2013, and 2009) compared to just 1 Republican (2012) primary in recent years. It should be noted there was no Democratic challenger to President Obama in 2012 to vote for.


Upon the release of Ms. Dittmar’s newest attempt to double down, Senator Garrett responded by stating:

“Initially I was convinced that a woman of Mrs. Dittmar’s integrity wouldn’t continue to air another ad that was so demonstrably false. Sadly, despite evidence that Mr. Benford has monetarily supported nearly a dozen Democrats and no Republicans, she has doubled down on the assertion he is a “lifelong Republican.” Voters in the Fifth District deserve better. Voters in the Fifth District deserve the truth.”

Garrett spokesman Andrew Griffin added:

“Hillary Clinton was President of Wellesley College Young Republicans years ago but it’s safe to say she has about as many ties to Republicans as George Benford does at this point. What we are seeing is a pattern of false narratives by Ms. Dittmar’s campaign in an attempt to win over voters in a last ditch effort to compete for this seat.”

Garrett’s initial release on this ad can be seen in full here.