Tom Garrett for Congress

In a statement released yesterday, Jane Dittmar’s Campaign called Tom Garrett – a veteran of the US Army during Operation Joint Endeavor – dishonorable and a coward, while simultaneously questioning Tom Garrett’s commitment to veterans.

From their release: “[Dittmar’s campaign] also questioned Garrett’s support of veterans, noting a lot of rhetoric but not much follow through.”

Zachary Werrell, Campaign Manager for Tom Garrett, responded.

“As if Jane Dittmar’s campaign calling Tom Garrett – a decorated Army Veteran – a coward and dishonorable wasn’t enough, she accused Tom of not actually supporting Veterans. So, I will take this opportunity to educate her campaign, and the veterans and voters in the 5th District, about all the work Tom Garrett has done for Veterans while in the Virginia Senate. This page is a list of all of the bills that Tom Garrett has sponsored or cosponsored in the Virginia Senate.”

Bryce Reeves, Virginia Senator, Lieutenant Governor Candidate, and former Army Ranger also weighed in by saying:

“Jane Dittmar’s campaign doesn’t know what they are talking about. Senator Tom Garrett co-patroned Senate Bills SB-254 and SB-433 which provide additional claims agents for VA benefits, and makes sure that our unclaimed veterans’ remains are given a dignified burial. In a time when military service should be honored and cherished, it’s baseless attacks like these, from those who have never worn the cloth of our country and served, that do a disservice to our veterans.”

Werrell added, “Just this past weekend, Tom Garrett attended a groundbreaking ceremony for a new home to be occupied by a disabled Marine and his family in Albemarle County. The Dittmar Campaign was AWOL, despite charing Tom Garrett is all talk and no action on supporting our veterans.

Jane Dittmar is either being very dishonest or is horrifically misinformed. As a Senator, Tom Garrett represents a huge portion of the 5th Congressional District, and it is incomprehensible that she – or someone in her campaign – would make such outlandish statements.

Comments like this that indicate Jane Dittmar is woefully out of touch with reality and the District. Instead of having to defend Tom Garrett, a decorated Army Veteran, from her baseless, nonsensical invective designed to score political points, I would much rather Tom be having a conversation with the voters about jobs, the economy, ending illegal immigration, and preventing terrorism.

Instead, Jane Dittmar has decided to attempt to insert herself into the news cycle and attack the integrity, honor, and courage of an Army veteran for political gain and now we must set the record straight.

I renew my call that Jane Dittmar apologize to Tom Garrett and veterans throughout the district, and that she immediately terminate the party responsible for these patently false allegations.”

Team Garrett