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Yesterday the Democratic Party of Virginia painted Senator Tom Garrett a racist for his desire to enforce immigration laws in the United States.

In a statement condemning the Democrats’ cheap political posturing, Senator Garrett issued the following statement:

“I was disappointed to see a release by the Democratic Party of Virginia, which essentially labeled me as racist for suggesting that local law enforcement should be allowed to assist in enforcing Federal Immigration laws. I would ask my opponent, who I hold in high regard, to join me in condemning this sort of overblown rhetoric. A legitimate disagreement on policy is one thing. Leveling charges of racism over such things is exactly what voters in this nation and the Fifth Congressional District are sick and tired of.”

This attack came in the wake of GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump formally sitting down with the President of Mexico over proposed immigration policies.

Garrett went on to say:

“This sort of hyperbole is equivalent to the little boy who cried wolf. I believe that Ms. Dittmar will agree that the Democratic Party of Virginia is wrong and will join me in condemning their ridiculous rhetoric. Leveling such charges where no animosity exists is dangerous and leads to a failure to recognize the real thing when it rears its ugly head. Dylan Roof is racist. Anyone who thinks black lives don’t matter is racist. Anyone who doesn’t think that all lives matter is racist. Suggesting that local law enforcement should help federal law enforcement to uphold the law is not racist.”

After his service in the military, Garrett served as Commonwealths Attorney in Louisa County where he worked with the criminal justice system directly for years. His subsequent term in the Virginia Senate afforded him the opportunity to work at chipping away injustices and archaic state laws within the state of Virginia.

In closing, Garrett called on his opponent to rebuke the DPV’s statement by saying, “While the Democrat party of Virginia may disagree with MY policy views, I do not think my opponent, a good and reasonable lady with whom I do not always agree, will feel that way. This is why I am calling on her to disavow this ridiculous accusation. There is enough incivility in politics without this sort of name calling.”